Privacy & Cookie Usage

We use "cookie" technology to enable the shopping system to record the contents of your basket, to ensure that the correct products are ordered when you progress through the checkout and to facilitate navigation throughout the shopping and catalogue pages. The use of a "cookie" involves storing a small file on your computer, which can be used to identify your browser to our server. You can usually modify your browser to prevent this happening, although if you do "disable cookies", then you will be unable to make a purchase from our online shop.

What are Cookies

Cookies are small text files which contain various information. Cookies are usually created by a website via your internet browser. You can view the cookies which are held on your computer via your internet browser, click here to find out how. We also use Flash Cookies (or Local Stored Objects) which are like normal cookies but use different technologies.

Why are they stored on my computer?

The cookies we store on your computer are for the Athena Athletics website to function such as remembering recently viewed products, what kind of device you are using to browse the website and what website link you used to visit us. 

Why do I need to know?

Since the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003 (the "Regulations") were amended in 2011, online retailers' Sites must offer greater transparency and gather consent with regards to cookie usage.

Managing Cookies

To opt-out or block third party cookies please change your privacy settings in your browser. You can decide what information is stored on your computer when surfing the internet by changing your browser privacy settings.

For more information and advice on cookies please visit the following websites:

About Cookies org provides information and advice to consumers:

Network Advertising / Choices show which cookies you have on your computer:

Our Cookie Policy

We do not store any personal information on your computer such as your name, credit card details and so on. We only store information which can help us provide a personalised experience such as which currency you use and how you prefer the products to be displayed. To recognize you we use a unique session identification string held on your computer as a cookie.

Third Party Cookies

Third party cookies are used on our site to help us capture information such as which orders were not completed and which type of products you may be interested in. These Cookies are used for marketing and advertising purposes and if you choose to opt out of these you can still use the Athena Athletics website and your online shopping experience will not be affected.

Banner Advertising, Re-targeting and advertising cookies

We use online re-marketing companies which utilize tracking pixels which are requested from our website while you use it. A cookie is set on your browser with details of the type of products you browsed on

Data such as the products and product types you viewed are then used to re-market various products to you via banner advertising which may appear on various different websites which are working with the marketing company. Only anonymous information is sent or stored on your computer in a cookie and not private data.

We may send you targeted emails and updates regarding items which you once placed in the Athena Athletics website shopping cart.