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Definition Of Athena


 Athena noun UK

Athena is an Ancient Greek goddess associated with wisdom, warfare, and handicraft. Athena was regarded as the patron and protectress of various cities across Greece, particularly the city of Athens from which she most likely received her name.Her major symbols include owls, olives trees and snakes.

Athena’s strength and wisdom drives our training ethos and inspires us to create sportswear that gives you goddess level confidence.


Business Story


Founded March 11th 2021, Athena Athletics is a female owned, luxury polewear brand based in the Cotswolds, England.

Athena’s owner, Daisy Moore, was looking to create a brand that boats pole sets and gym wear that is both pretty and practical.

As a professional pole dancer and coach herself, Daisy understands the considerations needed to make sets that feel beautiful to wear.

Prior to launch, every single Athena product goes through Quality Assurance testing to ensure it meets our high standards. These standards cover:

  • Providing a fantastic fit
  • Items that offer support
  • Designs than enable great on pole grip
  • Beautiful colours
  • High quality, durable fabrics


 Designed In England

As an artist, Daisy’s vision for the brand is constantly evolving and growing with the business.

So far, her design vision has been inspired by a love of summer vibrancy, pretty pastels, and marbles.

At Athena, we’ve become known for our iconic marble collections. Every single marble piece has its own unique pattern.


 Daisy @daisypolesquirrel 

Beginning ballet training at just 3 years old, Daisy has had a lifelong love for dance and movement. At 20 she found pole and loved the way it challenged her strength.

Daisy is a qualified pole teacher with 12 years of experience. Favouring spin pole, Daisy takes the grace acquired from her ballet training to choreograph beautiful routines that blend impressive strength moves with elegant flows. 

In class, Daisy likes to empower her students to train hard and unlock their potential. She helps them push their strength and flexibility both on and off the pole.

Daisy’s passion for aerial arts has developed and resulted in her gaining additional qualifications as an Aerial Hoop and Aerial Silks instructor.


Model Ethos

We believe that anyone can unlock their inner goddess. At Athena, we are so proud of our modeling ethos. Rather than using professional models, our founder Daisy gives her students the opportunity to develop their confidence in front of the camera. All our website photography shows real pole students proudly wearing our pole sets.


Team Athena

It gives us so much joy to see people taking our products with them on their pole journey! We love to see you develop in your pole journey, so don’t forget to tag @athenapolewear us and use the hashtag #teamathena.

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Quality Promise

We believe in quality and we try to go the extra mile to deliver it! However, on the rare occasion a set doesn’t make you feel amazing, we of course offer refunds and exchanges. The terms of these can be found in our refunds and exchanges policy. 

We like to be continually improving (both on and off pole!) so we love it when people take the time to deliver feedback. If you love your products, leave a review and let us and others know! If you’ve got any questions or feedback, please email us at daisy_athenaathletics@hotmail.com


 Thank you for supporting Team Athena xx