Rachel Tolzman

What is your favorite Athena set and why?

My favorite Athena set is the Luna set - Love the golden celestial pattern against the dreamy soft white. The mesh detail in the front gives it a lightness and the open back gives shoulders the room they need to move freely. You really do feel like a sky goddess/god in this one!

How long have you been poling for?

I’ve been pole dancing since 2011. Took one class and instantly got hooked!

Tell us a bit about your pole style:

I love static pole the most, specifically static rotations and power spins. I feel most at home with lyrical style, however I also adore wearing heels.

What is you favorite pole move and pole nemesis?

My favorite pole move is Cupid. Sometimes the simpler shapes are the most beautiful. My nemesis move is a backflip to handspring catch. I used to do this move without any trouble but missed the catch one time and bashed my face into the pole. Yikes! I haven’t done the move since without a spot. Thankfully no teeth were lost during the incident. I’m also not the biggest fan of titanic...definitely not in wintertime!

Tell us about any past performances or competitions you’ve done or got coming up.

One memorable pole competition I qualified for was the World Pole Dance Championships in 2018. That year it was held in China, and it was not only one of the most memorable traveling experiences I’ve had but the most memorable moment on stage. The icing on the cake was placing amongst a fierce group of competitors. Some performance highlights include Jenyne Butterfly’s show “Rise” in Las Vegas where I not only got to do doubles with Jenyne, but share the stage with some incredible artists. Lastly, my ultimate dream came true when I was cast as a fairy in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” at the Bridge Theatre in London. I got to do some pole and aerial hammock, all whilst singing! As I had studied to become a professional singer at university, it was a full circle moment for me.