Pole Bag Essentials

Pole Bag Essentials

Pole Kit Essentials - Your Ultimate Checklist!

 Want to feel totally prepared for your next pole class? In this month’s blog, we want to share our wisdom by revealing Team Athena’s pole bag essentials checklist!


 1. Water

C’mon, it’s an obvious one we know, but it’s a real pain when you forget your water bottle. Athena Founder Daisy loves her Lulu lemon water bottle because even left outside on a hot sunny day (we tested it) it keeps her water cold!


 2. Grip

Sometimes it’s us, and sometimes it’s the weather. Either way, the days grip alludes us are super annoying when it comes to training! A good grip can be a poler's best friend and here at Athena we stock a range of pole and aerial grips.


 3. Pole Cloth

A pole kit classic - giving your pole a good wipe can help with grip. Also, it means you’re ready to give the pole a wipe-down for whoever is using it next! 


 4. Socks

You won’t always need socks for every class, but we love to keep a pair in our bags. We like to seize any opportunity to do pole flow in socks!


 5. Snack

Commanding good levels of strength, flexibility, and cardio an intensive pole class can deplete your energy levels. It’s always good to have a snack to hand. For a bit of quick-release sugar, we recommend jelly babies! Members of Team Athena also like to have a protein bar to hand for after training.

 Top Tip: if you’ve got a long training session on the horizons and are prone to cramping, bananas can be a game changer!


 6. Stretching strap

 A stretching strap can help with all kinds of mobility and flexibility exercises! We’re a fan of using them for rotator cuff prehab, to keep our shoulders mobile and strong.


 7. Hair band

Nailing tricks is easier when your hair isn’t in your eyes. A trusty hairband is always a good idea. 


 8. Phone charger

Taking training photos and videos enables you to understand your movements better. This is a bit of a killer on your phone battery, so bringing your charger is a good idea, just in case!


 9. Camera stand

Want to get the best angles for your pole progress videos? A small camera stand can help you get great footage! Our friends over at Heelfire Club do a cute lil one, perfect for tucking into your kit bag.


 10. Arnica Cream

Pole dancers can often be covered in bruises as they toughen up their skin. Inner thighs, elbows, and shoulders can all suffer from ‘pole kisses’ as a result of conditioning. Arnica cream accelerates the healing process by bringing the bruise to the surface of the skin. It’s a lil gem for sure!


 11. Air pods

Air pods were made for pole dancers. Okay, not actually, but we love them for open training! Get lost in the music and flow without getting tangled up.


Do you think we’re missing anything? If so, let us know by sending us a message on Instagram!
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