Meg Lee

What is your favourite Athena set and why? 
I love the Naomi polewear set. The lacing looks really interesting and the ties around the middle bring a little sexiness to it. Not to mention the awesome snake pattern.
How long have you been poling for? 
 I began poling in July of 2015, so as of this month in 2022, it’s been seven years for me!
Tell us a bit about your pole style. 
I like to think I have a varying style, but if I had to categorize it, I guess I would consider myself a “power poler.” I tend to gravitate towards moves that require a lot of strength in the upper body, and dynamic movements with fast, energetic spins. I’m all about experimenting with speed, momentum, and force, which is why pole keeps me coming back for more!
What is your favourite pole move and your pole move nemesis? 
Such a hard question. I would say I have a love affair with Iguana. There is something so exhilarating with hanging upside down by just your hands, and there are so many ways to enter Iguana. I also love Brass Monkey and all it’s variations. My nemesis move would probably be Titanic. It hurts the butt. Lol.
Tell us about any performances or competitions you’ve done or got coming up.
I took a break competing this year, even though I qualified for PSO Nationals 2022. I decided to spend that time training independently of competition routines, and traveling to train and teach workshops. I am teaching workshops in France and the UK coming up in the fall, so I’m really excited about that. Might get back to competing next year!