Interview with Lisa Hammond

Interview with Lisa Hammond

What is your favourite Athena set and why? 

Favourite set - my favourite set is the phoebe set because its so summery and fresh, fits like a glove and it also has the little gap in the front so that your chest can breathe.

How long have you been poling for?

I have been pole dancing for 10 years, I found pole through a society at uni and was instantly hooked. I always liked dancing about when I was younger but never got the chance to take classes. Pole let's me access my creative side and I also find it really helps me mentally to dance through whatever I'm feeling. 

Tell us a bit about your pole style:

I'm most comfortable with flow style. It's deffo my favourite, whether that's in heels or not I just love to move! 

What is your favourite pole move and your pole nemesis? 

My favourite pole move is probably bird or paradise because I feel like a badass when I do it and it took me SO long to get. My nemesis is probably getting clean deadlifts/muscle ups and also Eagle 

Tell us about any performances or competitions you’ve done or got coming up

I have done too many competitions to name but my most recent was UKPPC Elite. This was a very special one for me as I had my mum and dad there watching, they sat together for an entire day and my dad had never been to see me perform. The piece was very close to my heart. I had so much self doubt beforehand but as soon as I stepped on stage I felt free. Check it out here 
I swore that would be my last competition BUT I am doing exotic generation in October because I just can't keep off of the stage!
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