Interview with Gemma Cheung 

Interview with Gemma Cheung 

What is your favourite Athena set and why?

It has to be the new Liandra set. Them colours are just so dreamy together. 

How long have you been poling for? 

I’ve been poling for around 8-9 years in total I believe. The first few years were on and off then I had a big maternity break but constant training now for 5 years. 

Tell us a bit about your pole style. 

I’m definitely a static power poler at heart. With my previous gymnastics background I gravitate towards all the power flippy moves.

What is your favourite pole move and your pole move nemesis? 

My favourite is probably a chest press. This is definitely my go to photoshoot move, I think they look so beautiful and impressive.

Nemesis - A Remi layback!!! I still haven’t managed to do one in life!!! My foot just can’t handle that pain when I start laying back!!

Tell us about any performances or competitions you’ve done or got coming up. 

My first competition was the The All Ireland’s pole dancing championships in 2018  where I placed 2nd in the amateurs category. This one really pushed me out of my
Comfort zone . It was my first pole competition ever and I had only started back pole after having a couple of years break and having my son 9 months ago. I was still breast feeding at the time. I remember worrying that my boobs may leak on stage. But I loved every second when I got out on that stage.
I then competed double hoop with Tanya Cheung ( another ambassador) in 2018 at pole dance Ireland princess where we placed first.
2019 - I was the winner of the Elite category in the All Ireland’s pole dancing championships and on the same night Tanya and I competed and won the pole doubles title too. It Was the craziest night of my life competing and winning 2 categories. Im still buzzing about it years later !! haha

Then I have one coming up very soon on the 9th July . I will be competing in the professional pole category at Pole dance Ireland Princess.

Instagram: Gemma_cheung
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