Buying Your First Pole Dancing Set - Athena

Buying Your First Pole Dancing Set - Athena

 Buying Your First Pole Dance Set

Team Athena Member Liandra shares her experience of buying her first pole set. Read her story and find some great polewear shopping inspiration!


Pole Set Shopping - The Decision Process

Buying your first pole dance set is a milestone in your pole journey.

In your first few lessons, you’ll likely wear as much clothing as you can reasonably get away with! But as the pole bug takes hold and you come to understand the practicalities of baring some skin… 

Leggings are soon swapped for gym shorts and t-shirts for sports bras. These are usually mis-match items dug out the back of the drawer and dusted off for class…comfy enough but not sparking joy as you reach for them.

You start to ponder the vibrant styles and cuts your teachers and studio friends wear and start to think it’s time to invest in some specialist polewear…

But where do you start?


Lia’s First Pole Set

I was about three months into pole dancing when I got my first dedicated pole set. It was the first pandemic lockdown and pole was keeping me sane. I really missed classes and was doing as much online training as I could!

My studio were putting on a virtual weekend of workshops and I planned to attend. It’d be the first time I’d see a lot of my pole friends and instructors again, so I wanted to mark the occasion with a new purchase.

I scoured the internet for days, not really knowing where to look, what style to get or what brands were recommended. In the end, I made my decision based purely on the design (much like buying wine because you like the label). I added it to my basket and there it remained.

Even after finding a set I liked, I still debated whether I’d have the confidence to pull it off.

Would I be comfortable bearing more skin?

Could I justify the cost?

Bang on time for the retreat, as if by magic, the set arrived without me having even checked out my basket.

My husband brought it for me as a gift and it was perfect. Not only was the set a delight to look at, but it was super comfortable to wear and very practical to dance in. It made that virtual workshop all the more impactful; I felt the part.

I got my first ever pole dance martini move sit in this set. I wore it to my first ever pole photoshoot. I wore to the first class I taught as a pole instructor. This set has brought me lasting confidence and joy.

It can feel daunting to choose your first set, I’m here to help make that step a little easier so you can skip to being the proud owner of it and rack up those happy training hours.


3 First Set Favourites

Here are my 3 favourite Athena sets that make an amazing choice for your first pole set! 

1. Opehelia

This is a great beginner set for those who might be a little nervous about bearing skin!

The high waisted shorts pole shorts allow for a flattering fit, while providing coverage so you feel less exposed. This  pole set is incredibly versatile. It feels comfortable enough to wear to your weekly training sessions, but is certainly striking enough to wear during photoshoots or other special pole events you may take part in. The versatility makes it great value for money as you’ll reach for it time and time again.

The pole top is stylish, with a delicate mesh that adds detail without being too revealing. It has great support and the material is incredibly soft to the touch.

Ophelia Bra £35

Ophelia Shorts £35

2. Gaia

Being black, this set is classic.

A LBPS (lil black pole set!) offers versatility because black goes with everything. This classic style still comes with intricate mesh detailing on the top, adding strong goddess vibes. The Gaia pole bra is incredibly supportive and the criss-cross back straps mean whatever angle you’re snapped from, this set has a lot to offer.

This Gaia pole shorts are mid-rise shorts with a scrunch bum, perfect for emphasising that peach!

I love this set for its perfect balance of feeling sporty whilst also sexy. It’s a great first set if you’re wanting to experiment with the more sensual sides of pole, but aren’t ready to take the plunge in to more revealing polewear yet.

Gaia Bra £35

Gaia Shorts £35


I have chosen this set for the beginner who is feeling adventurous. If like me, you want your first pole set to dazzle and reflect your exuberance for dance, then this set is for you.

The colours on this marble set are incredibly vivid and joyful. The top has a rounded high-neck and is well fitted for the bust, meaning you can be assured no accidents will happen whilst training tricks!

The shorts are high-rise and have a rouched bum. This set is incredibly comfortable and will bring a smile to your face each time you train in it. Also, due to the nature of the pattern, each set can have a different marbling making it a truly unique and custom set for you!

Sabrina Bra £35

Sabrina Shorts £35

These are just three of the many recommendations I could make from the Athena pole wear range. They do a number of beautiful designs that will bring a huge amount of confidence and reliability to your training regime. Their sets also mix and match super well, meaning you can be playful and buy tops and bottoms from different sets to create your own look.

My first pole set is part of so many key milestones in my journey. Whatever set you choose to take the plunge on, I’m excited for you and the many memories you’ll make in it! 

Lastly I’ll say, if pole wear still feels one step out of your comfort zone, Athena also do great active wear in the form of shorts, leggings and sports bras!

 The shorts in the active range tend to be longer than those in the pole sets, allowing you to mix and match them with other items as you wish and still have the fun of experimenting with your pole wardrobe.

Don't forget to use my discount code: LIANDRA10 for a cheeky 10% off #treatyourself 

Happy Shopping!





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